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Nicole Bogott


Nicole is one of the three co-founders that started impACT in 2017. She was part of the team that set up the launch of impACT in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2018 she launched impACT Berlin International, as our first event that took place in Germany. As a Consortium Member she also takes care of many tasks besides the organisation of events; especially in the field of campaigns and Europe & North America activities.

Nicole Bogott is a published author, social entrepreneur, co-founder of the impACT movement and guest lecturer on the topic of power structures at the sociology department of the renowned John F Kennedy Institute, which is part of the second largest university in Germany, Freie Universität. She applies systems thinking to change power dynamics. Nicole recently returned from living and working independently in Afghanistan. Her background lies in development and international affairs.

In her research Nicole analyses power dynamics in the international context. Her upcoming book on the topic of power and influence will examine global social movements and give solutions towards the creation of the type of international system that is required to buffer the increased scale of citizen participation all over the world. The foundations of her research stem from her studies as well as comprehensive field research.

During her trilingual MA (in English, German and French) Nicole focused on the topic of cosmopolitan democracy as a perspective for UN reform. During her BA in Development Economics and International Relations that she gained from universities in the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Turkey she looked at different approaches towards state and nation building.

As a social entrepreneur Nicole provides concrete solutions towards the issues she criticises. Some of them can be found her recently published new book on startups shaping the world. Nicole is co-founder of impACT, a global initiative that explores new approaches towards traditional development practices by looking at social entrepreneurship. She is further the co-founder of Philia, a social enterprise supporting women on four continents through peer coaching. Prior to that Nicole worked in a variety of different contexts in international development and in the media.