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Matiullah Rahmaty

Asia Rep

Matiullah is one of the three co-founders that started impACT back in 2017. He was part of the team that set up the launch of impACT in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2018 he supported the launch of impACT Islamabad International, as our first event that took place in Pakistan. As a consortium member he also takes care of many tasks besides the organisation of events; especially in the field of youth engagement and the management of the Asia operations.

Matiullah Rahmaty is the local Director of Founder Institute (world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program based in Silicon Valley). Co-founder of Book Club Afghanistan (A platform for promoting book reading in Afghanistan) and Co-Founder of impACT.

He is about to start his entrepreneurial journey with his Company Bright Point believing this company will give direction to countless of youth who want to pursue a successful journey.

He is a professional in Communication with more than 4 years of experience in this field, working with the French institute (Cultural Section of French Embassy), World Bank – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with his Educational Background in Business Administration.

Matiullah is in love with networking, passionate in sharing his ideas and knowledge, and a serious book reader! He believes in the power and impact of new startups in changing the communities to a better place!