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Hala Taleb Al-Mayahi

Supporter - Basra

Hala joined the impACT team in 2019. She is supporting the impACT Basra Pop-Up in Iraq.

Hala is an architect and designer with a master’s degree in communication management from Malaysia. 

Hala is the financial and administrative assistant in Science Camp (the Iraqi Maker Space) that aims at spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and technological incubation in Basra. She is the leading female team member at Science Camp and believes in taking up the responsibility of women to succeed.

She’s working with the Science Camp for achieving the mission of improving Basra’s immature job market, by creating diversity through involving more women in this act. She’s working on the Science Camp’s project to coach determined local females entrepreneurs, by implementing entrepreneurship standards in an Iraqi flavor.

She is a real innovation-advocate, community and entrepreneurship enthusiast.