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Dr. Branko Woischwill

Training & Research

Dr. Branko Woischwill dedicates his time to impACT's research and training needs. He attended the impACT Berlin International event in 2017 and the impACT Hamburg Pop-Up in 2019.

Branko has shared his expertise with several companies (startups and major ones) in the course of his career. Together with Nicole Bogott he trademarked the Power Triangle Model that is able to explain how an impactful venture can be set up and maintained. On the basis of intensive secondary analyses and well-founded qualitative research, the Power Triangle has been developed, which has relevance for theoretical and practical perspectives worldwide.

He has also published a number of articles and books (e.g. Amazon-bestseller “Im Startup die Welt gestalten”, co-authors: Nicole Bogott, Stefan Rippler). He has successfully completed his PhD and previously undertook research projects in Germany and USA. His latest seminar at Freie Universität Berlin is about structures of power. Here for instance he analyses what is needed in order to gain a certain impact in business worlds, e.g. working in a startup.