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Ahmad Fahim Didar


Ahmad is one of the three co-founders that started impACT back in 2017. He was part of the team that set up the launch of impACT in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2018 he launched impACT Islamabad International, as our first event that took place in Pakistan. As a Consortium Member he also takes care of many tasks besides the organisation of events; especially in the field of sponsorship and brand management.

Ahmad Fahim Didar is the founder and Executive Director of Aghaez Professional Services Company. Ahmad has been involved in setting up a number of startups companies and has launched number of international brands in Afghanistan.

Ahmad is also director of silicon valley based Startup Grind in Afghanistan, and his company Aghaez Professional Services manages the events of Startup Grind in Afghanistan. Most Startup Grind events in Afghanistan are being moderated by Ahmad.

With MBA Degree in Information System and 14 years of professional experience; Ahmad has worked with different National and International, Government and Private sector organisations in higher executive capacities. His academic and professional background combines the expertise of both business and information technology.