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What can be impACT’s role in a respective startup ecosystem after the first impACT event took place? impACT is a consortium of various independent organisations and, therefore, we have a wealth of resources and specialisation within our global team. Whilst cultural backgrounds differ from country to country, many challenges for example education, sanitation and access to healthcare (to name a few) are shared by countries affected by fragility. This is the reason why it is important for entrepreneurs to spread their ideas outside of their own country. Innovative solutions to problems that are developed by local experts can be useful to the social enterprise ecosystem in other countries, too.

impACT for Global Partnerships

SDG 17

Our first regional strides are taking place in Central Asia as well as the Middle East. So, if you want to continue keeping spirits on entrepreneurship and startup culture high, we suggest a popup event in a new city. Another reason this is important is that different cities have different facilities and stakeholders present and operate in different ways. This way we not only strengthen the ecosystem in the city we did the impACT event in but also the ecosystem between cities aka country-wide.

The first step to keep up the momentum of the impACT event that you organised is to announce a follow up location in the country impACT took place in. On the one hand, we are taking also an increasingly regional approach and, on the other hand, we have experienced our fans travelling cross border to attend our events. So, our approach is de-centralised and at the same time uniting different ecosystems.  

Despite living in a globalised and interconnected world, locations, especially cities matter. We emphasise the role that cities play in attracting entrepreneurial actors, generating innovative ideas and implementing them. Even within one country different cities have very different ecosystems.

impact for migrants and returnees

SDG 10

Returnees (returning migrants) can play an essential role in post-conflict reconstruction and/or capacity-building in fragile states, as they can bring the learning and exposure to different perspectives they have gained in the host country back to their countries of origin, which often have not only suffered destruction through conflict but also so called brain drain of qualified people.

impACT recognizes the value of these cross-border connections and exchanges and thus also provides the platform and space (a) for returnees themselves to find new perspectives and contribute to the economic development in their country of origin through (social) entrepreneurship and (b) for ideas that either address issues of forced migration and displacement and/or that employ migrants, IDPs, and returnees.

Specific workshops can be added that tackle the nexus between migration, entrepreneurship, and development and are specifically adapted to the particular contexts and needs.

impACT for Female Entrepreneurs


In the places that impACT operates in, women are to a large part marginalised in their access to resources, knowledge and networks. Social psychologist Geert Hofstede has captured masculine and feminine attitudes and their repercussions on the workplace and society. While each man or woman may incorporate both, masculine and feminine traits, it is important to foster an appreciation of feminine influences, which according to Hofstede leads to environmental protection, smaller gender wage gaps and more flexible family structures to name but a few.

There are various ways in which we can support female entrepreneurs. impACT recognises that while women can have as much success in building a startup or social business as men, the way they go about it is very different. Therefore, women oftentimes have very different needs than men.

Through Philia, one of the founding organisations of impACT, women have been trained in leadership skills in Northern Nigeria, Afghanistan and Berlin. These workshops are tailormade modules in order to guide women towards greater confidence and clarity. Further, AGHAEZ located in Afghanistan has incubated various startups run by females as well.

impact for Economic Growth


impACT has superb networks in the startup environments of fragile states. If you require more information on the crucial networks, resources and knowledge in certain cities, we conduct a study in order to present hands on information for your further strategic planning. The length and depth of the studies depends on your needs.

This document will not only show the key stakeholders but also give information on their level of access as well as their management and understanding of networks, resources and knowledge. This will give ample indication on how the startup ecosystem is structured as a whole and on the reach and impact on the respective stakeholders. The impACT approach to mapping and analysis is very unique and makes it easy to compare ecosystems of different cities and stakeholders from similar sectors.

How do we work? Depending on the research question, we use suitable scientific methods. If requested, we can undertake research activities before, during and after impACT conferences. We work closely with the Freie Universität of Berlin. You may get some insight from the science oriented website for further information.

impACT for Quality Education


impACT collaborates with the in Lebanon rooted social startup WinderEd. Following the storytelling concept, this program is based on core psychological foundations with a focus on preschoolers’ development. Activities are specially tailored to enhance social & life skills.

Our collaboration with WonderEd ensures got a top-notch team of experts that are meticulously designing the activities. In addition to that, our classes are limited to a maximum of 5 children.

Fields that are part and parcel of the workshops are: Technology, Creativity, Environmental Awareness, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Construction.

What is more, impACT recognises that women cannot be seen in isolation from the communities they are part of. This is why impACT also takes a view of preschool education. An incentive for women to join our programmes are the modules we offer for their children, which they may bring along; conducted by WonderEd, located in Beirut.

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