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impACT Islamabad

impACT was launched in Islamabad in November 2018. The event brought together key stakeholders from the Afghan and Pakistani social startup scenes. Do you want to connect? Hit the button below!


Islamabad: The Ecosystem

Pakistan is sometimes very underrepresented. impACT Islamabad International was one aspect in making Pakistan part of the map! It is in step with a lot of the social enterprise innovation. What was special was that it was in Islamabad. Why? The ecosystem in Islamabad does not have as much tractions as other cities in Pakistan. You do not find so many good programmes coming to Islamabad. This leads to founders having to travel overseas. impACT Islamabad International was one aspect in attracting good brain power to Pakistan.


impact Islamabad

Power Talks

Successful entrepreneurs were sharing their experiences as social entrepreneurs. The nuances of the elements of startup success were highlighted in power talks.

SDG Workshops

Part of the event was mapping our businesses and interventions towards the problems that are addressed by the various SDGs.

Power Triangle Exercise

This team work exercise supported various entrepreneurs mapping their ventures in regards to gaps in the three aspects networks, resources and knowledge.

Launch Event

impACT Islamabad

impACT was successfully launched in Islamabad in November 2018. The impACT Islamabad International Conference took place mostly at the National Incubation Center in Islamabad, Pakistan as well as the Marriott Hotel. impACT Islamabad International brought together Afghan and Pakistani entrepreneurs that work towards a sustainable social change. On the conference day about 100 participants from various countries around the world were present. The aim of impACT was to co-create, to meet and to discuss new avenues of cooperation and support between the Afghan and Pakistani startup scenes.


The Experts

impact Islamabad
Saram Bokhari
Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
Ayesha Khan
Hashoo Foundation
Madiha Parvez
Telenor Pakistan
Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen
Chamber of Women and Social Entrepreneurship
Dr. Faiz Shah
Yunus Center
Favad Soomro
Engro Foundation
Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui
Ministry of Information Technology
Beenisch Tahir
UNDP Pakistan
Islamabad Team

Being impactful: There is a reliable formula to it! Out of the joint effort of Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, Founder & Director of the Social Innovation Lab and Ahmad Fahim Didar, co-founder of impACT and director of silicon valley based Startup Grind in Afghanistan, together with Tanja Schomann and Nicole Bogott, co-founder of Philia, impACT Islamabad emerged.

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) enables change-makers to build sustainable social enterprises and create an ecosystem that supports social innovation. AGHAEZ, is designed to fulfil the needs of existing and startup companies in Afghanistan. Philia is a social enterprise that supports the empowerment of women globally. The programme’s unique communication skills promote dialogue and mutual understanding.