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A global movement for social and systemic impact

The future of development

impACT is a platform for a grassroots movements of entrepreneurs discussing commercial viability, social impact and systems change. It provides the space to discuss solutions to pressing global challenges. Having the networks, resources and knowledge in place to act in sustainable ways is one of the outcomes of the conference. Through various means including visual ones such as a photo-exhibit and through storytelling elements, conference participants learn what it takes to succeed with a startup business or a social initiative. 

impact through action

impACT paves the way for suitable, concrete and sustainable actions that have lasting impact beyond the conference!

impact creates


Commercial Activity

Social Impact

Systemic Change

Micro, Meso and Macro Level Outputs

impACT fosters social entrepreneurship in three ways: On the individual (micro) level, on the organisational (meso) level and on the policy/support (macro) level.

Major Themes

Promoting innovative ways of social and economic development
Contributing towards the achievement of the SDGs
Encouraging the sustainability of social entrepreneurship and grassroots movements
Linking traditional organisations with bottom up initiatives and (social) entrepreneurs
Supporting immigrants and refugees
Expanding mutual understanding of each other’s’ countries and economies
Sharing knowledge among fragile and developing countries

We will soon come to New York, tailored to the city’s status as a startup hub, financial capital, and center for international development and diplomacy. Conferences are also planned for Paris and Dubai. Existing partners include Impact Hub, GIZ (the German development agency), and the International Organization of Migration, to name a few. We are always looking for more partners! Join us!

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