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impACT Gaza

impACT was launched in Gaza, Palestine in October 2018. The event brought together key stakeholders form the Palestinian social startup scene. Do you want to connect? Hit the button below!

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Gaza: The Ecosystem

Social entrepreneurship is a concept new to Gaza. impACT Gaza undertaken by Nextep and Sunbox with the generous support of GreenCake took place as the first event of its kind. Some of the most inspirational people in Palestine came together to speak about the power of social entrepreneurship to impact local communities. The content was enhanced with contributions from speakers from Lebanon.


impact Gaza

Power Talks

The first power talks discussed the power of social entrepreneurship in Palestine, the Power Triangle Model towards social startup success and the state of affairs of the SDGs in Gaza.

Panel Discussions

In discussions regarding the Palestinian social startup scene challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurs were discussed focusing on the role of corporates, entrepreneurs and global organisations.


During the networking part social startups and enterprises got together with key stakeholders in the local startup scene in order to exchange ideas and make new connections.

Pop-Up Event

impACT Gaza

On the 31st of October 2018, the impACT Amman Pop-Up Event was successfully launched in Gaza, Palestine. impACT Gaza brought together Palestinian social entrepreneurs. Out of 200 participants, there were many young entrepreneurs from various sectors to give inspiration and engage newcomers. The aim of impACT is to support youth and social entrepreneurs to meet and discuss new avenues of cooperation and support. Participating organisations were GreenCake and Nextep.


The Experts

impact Gaza
Rasha Abu Safieh
Ziad Alame
Abdallah Tahrawi
Tariq Thabit
Hani Shehada
Education Above All Foundation
Derrar Ghanem
Build Palestine
Abdallah Absi
Zoomal & GivingLoop
A'laa Chbaro
impACT Gaza Team

Being impactful: There is a reliable formula to it! Out of the joint effort of Yousef Elhallaq, CEO of Nextep, Majd Ismail Almashharawi, founder of GreenCake and SunBox, Tanja Schomann and Nicole Bogott, co-founder of Philia, impACT Gaza emerged.

In Gaza our local partners are Nextep which is a program to connect the most promising startups from Palestine with mentors and coached from around the world as well as GreenCake, a company that makes high-quality, low-cost, and environmentally friendly bricks made out of ash and rubble from the demolished houses in Gaza and SunBox that offers people who lack the access to electricity a better life using a reliable, affordable and easy to use solar energy kit; plug and play solution. In addition to financial return.