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Impact The World

Nurturing the global entrepreneurial ecosystem

We emphasise the role that cities play in attracting entrepreneurial actors, generating innovative ideas and implementing them. Even within one country, different cities have very different ecosystems. impACT places a special focus on fragility and on fragile contexts; not only because of its roots in Afghanistan but also because 2 billion people around the world are living in conditions affected by fragility. According to the Oxford Dictionary, fragility refers to the “quality of being easily broken or damaged” or  the “quality of being delicate or vulnerable”. This understanding of fragility applies to a variety of spheres that are interdependent of one another such as the political, social, economic, ecological and security one. With live in an interconnected and globalised world. Cities in places that are less fragile oftentimes directly affect fragile ones and vice versa. That is why impACT is also present in cities from less fragile contexts.