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impACT in Three Hours

impACT Pop-Up Events are a half-day format to strengthen ecosystems locally. They aim at delivering hands on business tools and create awareness on social entrepreneurship by highlighting networks, resources and knowledge. Ideally, a Pop-Up Event is an entry point towards organising impACT International at a later stage.

Pop-Up Events

The first part of the impACT popup event sets the scene by creating awareness on three aspects: 1) the concept of social entrepreneurship 2) the Power Triangle Model and 3) the state of the SDGs in a given context.

The second part gives participants the opportunity to network with a light snack as well as presenting art that highlights a social issue through pictures, poetry or music. impACT Pop Up Formats may also add an interactive workshop element towards impact creation.

The third part of impACT will highlights impact creation on the micro, meso and macro levels. The global ecosystem consists of various entities: the individual, local organisations and companies as well as national, regional and international bodies. There are three 10 minute Power Talks with an attached 5 minute Q&A Session towards the themes: Powerful You, Powerful Startup Journey and Powerful Support

impACT in Three days

impACT International is a three day format to strengthen the global ecosystem. It aims at creating awareness of the global application of the power triangle model. At the same time, it fosters collaborative and social innovation with regard to the SDGs that create concrete outputs beyond the conference.

impact international

The Ecosystem Tour takes place on Day 1 of the impACT International. During this day all international stakeholders and interested local participants may discover the social entrepreneurship scene of the new city they are in.

Guided panel discussions and power talks addressed the key ingredients to having an impact with a (social) enterprise: networks, resources and knowledge. impACT brings (social) entrepreneurs together with established actors focusing on success on the micro, meso and macro level.

The Unconference Day is the platform to turn ideas into rough but viable, feasible and desirable projects or business models and developing collaboration projects with an impact beyond the conference. Thus, day three aims at turning ideas into action.



In order to implement innovative ideas successfully new concepts and contexts need to be understood. Everyone has a different learning style. impACT takes this into consideration. There are various elements that support participants to really dive deep into the contents of the impACT conference. By listening to successful entrepreneurs, by being inspired through powerful photos and/or through art, by putting the power triangle into practice in hands-on exercises as well as attending interesting workshops all participating stakeholders get a good understanding of the various elements that are vital in fostering cross border exchange and strengthening startup ecosystems through collaboration.

Power Talks

Short and to the point talks under the heading: Acquisition and Management of Resources, Networks and Knowledge


Inspiring music, poetry or visuals portraying a social challenge tackled by social entrepreneurs in order to reach the SDGs

Pitch Sessions

Anyone may pitch issues which they would like to hack together with other participants in a two hour session


Workshops are interactive formats in which the contents of the power talks are dealt with in depth.