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impACT Baghdad

impACT was launched in Baghdad, in October 2018. The event brought together key stakeholders form the Iraqi startup scene. Do you want to connect? Hit the button below!


Baghdad: The Ecosystem

In terms of legal entities there are only two types: the for profit and the non-profit.  There is no such thing as registering as a social enterprise in Iraq. Most of the initiatives undertaken by Baghdadi youth are either for profit enterprises, which are small businesses and do not have a social cause included in their business model. On the other hand there are many community projects without any additional funding source.


impact Baghdad

Power Talks

Successful Iraqi entrepreneurs highlight the nuances of the various elements of startup success in power talks and discussion rounds.

Panel Discussion

What are the opportunities and the obstacles of social entrepreneurship in Iraq? This question was debated with key stakeholders from the Baghdadi startup scene.


Around 15 booths were filled with startups and enterprises that have a fantastic social impact in Iraq. A great opportunity for networking!

Launch Event

impACT Baghdad

On the 13th of October 2018, the impACT Baghdad Conference was successfully launched at The Station in Baghdad, Iraq. impACT Baghdad brought together Iraqi entrepreneurs and youth aspiring to learn more about social entrepreneurship. Out of 150 participants. The aim of impACT was to highlight the topic of social entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs to meet and discuss new avenues of cooperation and support. Participating organisations were AGHAEZ, GIZ, World Merit, Framea and Philia.


The Experts

impact Baghdad
Noor Hashim
Jafar Sadik
Dhafer Hasan
Sama Kamal
Startup Weekend
Ibrahim Mohammed
IQ Peace
Hamdi Mohammed
Iraq Builders
Safa Fadhil Al-Sultani
Startup Expert
Ali Tariq
Iraqi Microfinance Network
Baghdad Team Lead

Being impactful: There is a reliable formula to it! Out of the joint effort of Rania Bakr, a GIZ Junior adviser for Start-Up promotion in Iraq, Nicole Bogott, co-founder of impACT and of Philia and Tanja Schomann, Philia co-founder and health research professional, impACT Baghdad will be executed.

In Baghdad our sponsoring partner is the GIZ. The GIZ develops tailor-made solutions to challenging problems. It supports the German Government in achieving its objectives.

Philia is the international partner. Philia is a social enterprise that supports the empowerment of women globally. The programme’s unique communication skills promote dialogue and mutual understanding.