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Our Philosophy
This is what we believe in

Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit should have access to networks, resources and knowledge in order create a social impact for communities!

how it all started

the story of impact

In the aftermath of a series of severe attacks in Afghanistan; especially the one in Kabul on the German Embassy on the 31st of May 2017, Ahmad Fahim Didar, Nicole Bogott and Matiullah Rahmaty came together to discuss opportunities to start a new narrative on Afghanistan; inside and outside of the country. This is how impACT was first created.

Afghanistan is a county that has continuously been portrayed very negatively in the media with one-sided stories on war, violence and hardship. And yes, it is part of the story of Afghanistan. But Afghanistan also has another side to it, which is equally real, and impACT is telling that story. We want to change the narrative by highlighting entrepreneurial approaches that address societal challenges.

Why we do what we do

Ecosystem Fragmentation

Stakeholders in social startup ecosystems (especially in high risk environments) oftentimes act in isolation from one another. Thus, it they cannot reach their full impact for a common good protecting public goods and delivering public services.

The Solution: collaborative and social innovation

impACT facilitates collaborative and social innovation on all levels of the global social startup ecosystem, especially in fragile environments and for any minority group, through the exchange of networks, resources and knowledge.

system change entrepreneurs

tackling root causes

Social entrepreneurship has in many parts of the world has become a buzz word that was narrowed down to social business. only But it is much more! As Daniela Papi Thornton puts it, we “we don’t need more social businesses, we need more social change” and that arguably ¬†requires more than just starting new businesses. It requires people to change the directly systems that are causing the need for social change.

As impACT we do not believe in “heropreneurship”, a term coined by Pamela Hartigan. There is something that unites us, social entrepreneurs from various cities, and these are the causes that we are passionate about. We believe that everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset should have the opportunities to positively affect their community and therefore we strive together towards creating¬† access to networks, resources and knowledge by working together with a variety of traditional actors from the public and private sectors.

Our Methodology

The Power Triangle

The Power Triangle Model illustrates the foundations of having an impact. The model enables actors in different contexts to assess their own scope of action and gain a deeper understanding of and control over their own level of influence.

The Team

impACT is a consortium of various independent organisations and, therefore, we have a wealth of resources and specialisation within our global team.