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We inspire startups to focus on social impact.

We inspire non-profits to add a sustainable income source.

We inspire traditional actors to work with social entrepreneurs.

Born in Afghanistan, impACT is a global movement for social justice, a more balanced narrative, and system change/stabilization through bottom-up (social) entrepreneurship.

What they say

impACT in the media

Collaborative Action

for system change

impACT’s city chapters inspire citizen participation towards igniting innovative collaboration in order to impact communities in many parts of the world.

What we stand for

Citizen Participation

Social entrepreneurs are vital in many parts of the world to support traditional actors in the provision of public goods and services.

Equal Opportunity

Equal access to networks, resources and knowledge enhance bottom up approaches towards system change that are crucial to tackle global challenges.

Conversaton on Eye Level

impACT brings together social entrepreneurs with various actors from other fields and sectors to work on innovative ways towards global development.

Connecting Ecosystems

At Pop-Up and International events impACT provides the futile ground for collaborative innovation, where many stakeholders meet and work together.

What we do

Research and Events

impACT Pop-Up Events strengthen ecosystems locally by focusing on SDGs through a local lens. At impACT International Events systemic change is evoked on a global scale working together in design thinking workshops on concrete solutions to cross border issues. Our formats highlight the power of social entrepreneurship as a solution to cross border issues and proposes the notion of the power triangle model as a tool towards social startup success on the micro, meso and macro level. 

impACT has superb networks in the startup environments; especially in fragile contexts. Our research comprises information on gaps, opportunities and challenges on the crucial networks, resources and knowledge in various cities. We conduct ecosystem studies and stakeholder mappings in order to present hands on information for your further strategic planning. Our approach is mainly open source. The length and depth of the studies depends on different research needs.

Where else to find us

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At impACT we work towards the Global Goals as put forward by the United Nations.